Monday, July 19, 2010

A Near Perfect Sunday

Today was wonderful and reminded me why I am going to miss Ohio.  I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Leslie (she's the cutie in the pink shrug), adventuring about town.  We hit up a few furniture stores in search of a sofa, but we didn't find anything worth while aside from a gold leather ottoman that left me speechless.   After that we drove around an insanely cute neighborhood called German Village where all of the porch lights were gas lamps instead of electric.  It was adorable.  And right there in the middle of this wonderful neighborhood was a hidden gem of a park.


Even the graffiti was adorable.

I spent the evening watching the original silent film version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), which is not at all like the Disney version.  However it was the perfect movie for my friend Zack and I to play MST3K.  We added our own dialogue and even learned some new words like "jackanape" and "varnel".

Another fun thing about this version of the movie is that it would be great for a drinking game.
Drink whenever:
 ~ Quasimodo flicks his tongue out like a lizard (I would refrain from taking shots when this happens as it is quite frequent)
Take shots whenever:
 ~ Phoebus flaunts Esmeralda in front of his fiancée
~ The subtitles are incomplete sentences
~ Quasimodo is being an acrobat or ringing the bell
~ Someone dies (spoiler alert)
~ You become frightened that someone is going to rape Esmeralda

Trust me when I say that you will be more than a little buzzed.


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