Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Like Summer Camp In Here

So, for about a year I've had this idea in my head to tie-dye a skirt that I love.  The problem with the skirt was that it was white, which is super chic and cute, but I can't keep white clothes clean.  This skirt met it's doom when I decided to sit on the grass and slide (yes) down a hill (I'm a child).

I was walking through the grocery store yesterday when I passed by the RIT dyes and a little lightbulb flickered above my head.  Oh yes, I was finally going to tie-dye my skirt.

My supplies 
This was a lot more difficult with denim than with a t-shirt

I ended up throwing a shirt in there for good measure, simply because I have actually tie-dyed a shirt before.  Both of them look awesome as long as I never ever decide to wear them as an outfit.

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